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Saturday 8th July Part III

Game 3 : Paul (Elves) versus Twilight Kin (James), 2000 points, Scour

Bitter and Twisted

Elves versus nasty Elves. This was our third and last battle of the day, and one I could sit back, enjoy and watch the action - pausing the game constantly to take pictures. A benefit of this was I was able to record more info about the wounds dealt to each unit. Gratitude to both players for their patience.

This was their fourth clash. Paul's and James' armies had fought before with one draw result and James' Twilight Kin being victorious twice.

Both armies were identical to those fielded in battles 1 and 2.

Paul's Elven Army
Seaguard Horde, Wine of Elvenkind - 320
Drakon Horde, Brew of Strength - 300
2 Palace Guard Regiments, one with War-bow of Kaba - 305
War Chariots Regiment, Piercing Arrow - 150
Stormwind Cavalry Regiment, Maccwar's Potion of Caterpillar - 235
2 Bolt Throwers - 180
2 Princes on Horses, Mace of Crushing, Kaba's Holy Hand Grenades - 180
2 ASBs on Horses, Diadem of Dragon-king, The Boomstick -190
2 ASBs, Lute of Insatiable Darkness, Banner of the Griffin - 140

James' Twilight Kin Army
Spearmen Horde, Hammer of Measured Force - 250
2 Reaper Guards Regiments, Brew of Courage, Orcsbain's Amulet of Thorns - 350
Dark Knights Regiment, Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar - 230
Crossbowmen Regiment, Fire-Oil - 155
2 Twilight Bolt Throwers - 180
ASB on Horse, Banner of the Griffin - 85
Dark Lord on Black Dragon, The Fog - 345
Archfiend of the Abyss, Lightning Bolt (5), Healing Brew - 280
High Priestess of the Abyss, Bane-chant (2), Soul Drain, Myrddin's Amulet of the Fire-heart - 125

Scenario & Terrain
Terrain and Objective Markers
The scenario rolled was Scour (again!) with 7 objective tokens.

Deployment - the beautiful vs. the cruel
Elven Deployment
Twilight Kin Deployment
Paul (Elves) had the first move.
Turn 1 Elves
Turn 1 Elves - forward!

War Chariots drawing blood
Turn 1 Twilight Kin
Turn 1 Twilight Kin
The Twilight Kin do some damage, but it's a disappointing round of shooting for James.

Turn 2 Elves
Turn 2 Elves
The Elven arrows and spells inflict a devastating 18 points of damage, wounding many Twilight Kin
units and killing one of the Reaper Guards Regiments. James' Twilight Kin Bolt Throwers are charged and eliminated in melee. The event of the turn was the High Priestess of they Abyss dying from one lucky Diadem of Dragon-king fireball.

It is a bleak hour for the Twilight Kin, losing so much while the battle is in it's infancy.

The Immolation of the High Priestess 

Turn 2 Twilight Kin
Turn 2 Twilight Kin
The ASB on Horse and War Chariots are wavered by Twilight Kin ranged fire. The Twilight Kin right wing closes the gap between themselves and the Elves.

Turn 3 Elves
Turn 3 Elves
The Twilight Kin are wracked by brutal ranged fire. The Crossbowmen rout. The Reaper Guard are wavered by the charge of Elven Stormwind Cavalry.

Turn 3 Twilight Kin
Turn 3 Twilight Kin
Revenge, the Stormwind Cavalry Regiment and one of the Princes are slain. The Drakon are wavered.

Turn 4 Elves
Turn 4 Elves
Dark Knights wavered by shooting. The crippled Reaper Guard are finished off by shooting.

Turn 4 Twilight Kin
Turn 4 Twilight Kin
James manoeuvres his army to eliminate the Drakon and Seaguard, abandoning his lost left flank.

Turn 5 Elves
Turn 5 Elves
The Dark Knights are wavered by mass shooting. The Dark Dragon is wounded, and the Twilight Spearmen Horde are massacred.

Turn 5 Twilight Kin
Turn 5 Twilight Kin
The Black Dragon overruns the Drakon!

Turn 6 Elves
Turn 6 Elves
The constantly wavered Dark Knights finally die. James also loses his mounted ASB.

Turn 6 Twilight Kin
Turn 6 Twilight Kin & END
The Archfiend of the Abyss puts down some hurt on the Seaguard, wavering them. The Black Dragon's lightning inflicts one point of damage to the nearest Palace Guard. But it's not enough and too late.

The Twilight Kin's final actions.
Victory for the Elves!
The battle ends. Paul wins, having 3 objectives to James 1. A comprehensive Elven Victory!

After the Battle
It surprised me how quickly the battle was played out. Both armies had a fair amount of ranged attacks, with James' Twilight Kin having a small edge. Paul's aggressive play, James' acknowledged mistakes and the vagaries of dice, meant that many Twilight Kin ranged units were eliminated before they could do much - particularly the two Bolt Throwers, the High Priestess and to some extent the Crossbowmen.

Paul mentioned he needed to find of a way of keeping his drakons from taking damage early on (they were unable to do anything during the first four turns). In the future he would try to find a way to kill the arch-fiend sooner, and reduce James' ranged attacks.

James acknowledged that his deployment wasn't great, and that he should of stuck to his plan with his Black Dragon and Dark Knights fighting for their flank, then things could of worked out better (instead they tried to help the other flank, resulting in the Dark Knights being permanently wavered and eventually killed).

Thanks a lot for reading!


  1. Hi Dave,

    That is truly amazing that you took time to write a report for the game you didn't play!

    The battle between "good" and "evil" Elves always seems like a classic fantasy encounter so thanks a lot for the report that showed the battle in this eternal conflict.


    1. Hi Swordmaster,

      To be honest I enjoy watching KoW battles, in the way millions watch spectator sports. Also it's relaxing and you never know if you might learn something new.

      The only issue with making the battle report was because I wasn't fully involved my memory of the battle was a bit foggy, fortunately the pictures, I probably took too many pictures, did help me make sense of it. I particularly enjoyed being to add more detail, such as specific damage inflicted.

      You are spot on with the battle being special, the classic light versus dark elf battle, as you say, part of their eternal conflict.

      Until later, Dave

  2. Hi Dave

    Got a blog, that's good :). Bring on the campaign!