Saturday, 16 September 2017

York Garrison Mega Battle

On Saturday the 9th of September six members of York Garrison Wargaming Club played the Final Battle scenario of the Edge of the Abyss campaign. We modified the scenario slightly, 2000 points per player, Invade scenario, and only magic artefacts up to 15 points allowed.

Battle Positions of the Six Armies
A selection of pictures of the mega battle...

By the end, the result was an overwhelming victory for Good.

Carl 12  Adam 0
Alan 6  James C. 3
Nicholas 6  Dave F. 0 

Good 21  Evil 6

With the forces of Evil struggling in the global campaign another win for Good was not welcome. But well done to Carl, Nicholas and James C. on their resounding victory.

In hindsight, the board was too busy with terrain, particularly huge pieces of blacking terrain that made any big manoeuvres too difficult. In particular, Carl and Adam's battleground was so isolated from the rest of the table, that they in practice fought a standard one-v-one game.

Despite this everyone had fun, even James C. in his own special way. Thank you to Carl, James, Nicholas, Adam and Alan for taking part and making this possible. I had a great deal of fun organising, playing in, and even losing in the mega battle. Cheers all.

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